Hamilton + Paul

Thomas Jefferson referring to Alexander Hamilton, “as long as he holds a pen he’s a threat.” Well,I guess he technically sang it.

I was washing dishes and my 14 month old was climbing from floor to kitchen table in the 7 seconds it takes him to do so. Hamilton (the musical) was playing through a Bluetooth speaker, the only way dinner got done when my husband worked late. Because for some reason, our child who could speak a language only I understood thoroughly enjoyed a musical about a founding father.

I digress. I had felt the urge to leave social media, to step back from those places for a myriad of reasons. But I genuinely love sharing what the Lord has placed on my heart, parts of our life and growing alongside friends and family and anyone who cares to follow along. I believe that when we use the gifts he’s given us, to his glory, HE is brought glory. HE is made much of. Because gifts (however elaborate or lacking) say more about the giver than the receiver. He is generous, and loves beauty, is the Author, creator. And any of those small attributes he’s put in me, get to point to him. I get to hold up a mirror for the world to see more of Him.

I want to use the words that swirl in my head, the connections The Lord shows me between scripture and our life, the rhythms or practices we’ve found helpful in our daily life and what we feel The Lord is teaching us in these days about who He is and in light of who He is, how we respond. In this space we want to really grab hold of the truth that we believe He is using ALL things for our good and HIS glory. And that the really hard, really painful, really confusing stuff when seen in light of eternity makes a whole lot more sense. And while we may never see the full picture of how our stories intermingled with another will play out, I really believe that when we can hold fast to the simple truth that God is good and He is enough, we can walk forward wherever He has placed us with joy and confidence, peace and ferver knowing that the one who is sovereign and over every moment also calls us beloved. how despite the evermore challenges this world brings, we can press forward in the hope and joy in Him. we get to count it all joy, my brothers, when we face trials of various kinds knowing that the testing of our faith produces steadfastness. and what a good good Father to grant us a desire to press furthermore into Him. I want to share our journey that He may become more in our own hearts and that you too, friend, may see him working in all things and that you too may orchestrate your life to move ever more towards him.

I don’t think nows the time to sit it out. There’s too much at stake for the saints to sit quietly by as spectators to the war playing out. there’s been a war raging for generations and we seem to have lost sight as to whats at stake. you, believer, have been uniquely placed here in this unique time for a unique purpose. not because YOU are great, but because He is sovereign and working in all his people at all times, not excluding you dear friend. its not the time to sit this one out. jump on in. shake the gates of hell a little bit. It won’t always be heavy stuff around here. and maybe that looks like selling everything and moving somewhere else. but for me, and maybe you too, in this season it means raising the remnant within the four walls of our home (wherever that is). it means seeing this season that we are in right now as ministry – discipling the ones I rock to sleep every night. We want to share in a way that shows how we can fight the good fight in all the places of our lives.

I won’t be silenced. Not because *my* voice needs to be heard. Or *i’m* particularly talented or skilled. But because He gives gifts and stirs desires and I think this, right here, is part of mine. May the gates of hell shake as my fingers move across the keyboard. May Satan shutter at the sight of saints choosing to sing in the face of fear and uncertainty. May we spur you on to see where The Lord is prompting you to press in and intends to use you where you are. While I doubt demons will speak of me like they did Paul, I’d be satisfied if they quoted one 14 month olds favorite musical, “As long as she holds a pen, she’s a threat.”

By portiamccomb

seeking contentment + satisfaction in HIM. I married my prom date. boy + dog mama. lover of all things thrifted, homesteader wanna be and real into fermenting things.

2 replies on “Hamilton + Paul”

Bringing God’s ways into understandable, simple, human, everyday life is a gift. You do have that gift! I am sure that Satan trembles every time he sees what you are up to! 😘


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