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we have this vision of 100 years from now when our grandkids have grandkids and our great greats ask what grandpa and grandma mccomb were like. we pray our grandkids laugh, followed by a sigh and something along the lines of, “oh, gosh, where do we start…”

we pray they tell stories of packing around our table for meals where we probably ate tacos. while the conversation around the table may be long forgotten we pray they remember laughing till their sides hurt. we pray that they tell our great greats about how we were quick to dish out wisdom, kindness and always had ice cream in the freezer waiting for them. we pray that our kids and their kids and their kids remember that these McCombs were committed to their word, quick to take in anyone who needed a bed and there was always another seat at the table for anybody who needed a meal. we pray they see ryan and I forgive freely, encourage often and do so humbly. we hope they tell our grandkid’s grandkids that we got a fork and spoon tattooed for each other and because we didn’t take ourselves too seriously. we want them to remember we were quick to put down what our hands were busy with so we may listen well and that the gospel was on display in our home. 

that’s where we want to be 100 years from now. but here’s what we know: it starts now. it started almost 5 years ago when we said our vows and became a family of our own. while we know every generation only takes a piece of what previous generations have given them, we want to make sure we give them good stuff to take. maybe more like, gospel stuff to take. 

we’ve been working on a mission statement and creed. we’ve been messily stumbling through creating new traditions for our family and continuing traditions we both loved as kids. we have lots of conversations about the air in our home, what do we want our kids to feel like at home? what do we want their friends to feel like at our home? our friends? strangers? what will they feel as they step through our front door? 

Friend, if you’re here then maybe you too are wanting to create roots for your family. if you’re a military family like us then you probably feel all the more a desire to create a family culture that remains the same duty station to duty station, state to state, country to country. your whole family will find comfort in traditions, rhythms and a heart beat in a family that remains the same in whatever time zone you find yourself in. 

so, we will keep chatting more about what we are doing (read: figuring out) as we go! but I would love to hear how YOU are creating roots in your family. what traditions do you have? have you written a family mission statement or creed? what do you want your kids’ kids’ kids’ to say about your family? 

stay rooted, friends!  

By portiamccomb

seeking contentment + satisfaction in HIM. I married my prom date. boy + dog mama. lover of all things thrifted, homesteader wanna be and real into fermenting things.

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