faith motherhood

i think it matters

I think it matters how we do it, ya know? That it’s not about just doing it but our heart, our posture, our willingness to do so. For anything – for marriage, for parenting, for PCSing, for grocery shopping, for cleaning the house, for reading “we’re going on a lion hunt” for the sixth time today. I think The Lord cares a whole lot about what are heart looks like while we do these necessary daily acts. He cares if it’s with thankfulness or annoyance, with joy or frustration, with gladness or apathy. Because the real shaping of our hearts, the sanctifying work happening in and through our days comes when we take every though captive and let him do His work in them. 

So as a military wife and stay at home mama for me that means deployments, parenting solo, moving often and the constant unknowns. I cling to the truth that He is good and He provides, He alone sustains and carries. 

It doesn’t happen over night and it’s not all of the time. Slowly, faithfully the Lord sanctifies our hearts. We get to partner with Him, ask Him, to bring joy and gladness to the places we feel frustration. He’s faithful to do it! Mama, cling to what is good. Look at eternity and the dishes don’t feel so overwhelming. Gaze at the cross and the tantrums feel manageable. Stay rooted, friend, in the gospel. Let it seep into all the places of your heart.